Ghostrunner 2: Blades of Precision - In-Depth Video Game Review

Ghostrunner 2: Blades of Precision - In-Depth Video Game Review

On many occasions, the only thing that is needed for a video game to shine is a simple and fun concept. Ghostunner proved it, captivating many fans with its combat systems and platforms that get right to the point and test the player's skills.

The direct sequel, Ghostrunner 2, follows the same line and only aims to improve and expand the ideas that shaped the original installment, without that being something negative. It is a challenging experience that, although far from perfection, will excite challenge enthusiasts.

Run, Fight And Survive

Like its predecessor, Ghostrunner 2 is a first-person action video game with a heavy emphasis on parkour and combat. The goal is to get from point A to B as quickly as possible without biting the dust in the process, since fluidity is everything. Of course, the path to the goal is full of enemies, platforms and environmental threats that will test our reflexes.

It is important to make something very clear from the beginning: this title from One More Level and 505 Games is difficult and will bring green gray hairs to players who lose patience easily. Although simple, the systems demand perfection and punish errors. That's bad? Not at all, since the magic that makes this proposal special and addictive emerges from the high difficulty.

Jack, the protagonist, can eliminate all enemies with one slash of his trusty katana, but he also dies from a single attack. This creates a very fast paced game where decisions are just as important as controller skills. It is a very interesting approach, since each action is relevant and can be the difference between passing an area or having to restart from the last checkpoint.

Ghostrunner 2: Blades of Precision - In-Depth Video Game Review

At all times we must be aware of our movements, the position of hostiles and the interactive elements of the environment. Each section feels like a small puzzle where we have to strategize to find the best route to clear an area of ​​enemies. The challenge increases exponentially when combat and platforms are combined, since decision-making times are significantly reduced and on many occasions we have to trust our reflexes. This pace of play made our hearts race and kept us on the edge of our seats at all times.

Although the katana is the main weapon, we have additional tools at our disposal, such as ninja stars that eliminate or stun enemies and a retractable hook that we use to approach structures or stunned hostiles. We can even become invisible and create a shadow clone. These skills enrich the confrontations and are also very useful during some parkour sections.

The progression system has also been expanded, as we can now buy and equip upgrades. For example, it is possible to increase the stamina meter or make the shots we deflect with the sword return to their point of origin. Although these benefits make the task easier, the experience remains challenging at all times.

Ghostrunner 2 Now Available On PS 5

Failure Is The Key To Success

Yes, dying is very common. Although failing is very frustrating at first, each attempt brings us closer to victory. The good news is that we can always retry immediately with the press of a button. When we understood the idea behind this concept, we started enjoying the game and its rules.

Learning Jack's story and reaching the end credits is fun, but it's just the beginning of the journey. Ghostrunner 2 is made to be mastered and has a great emphasis on speedrunning, as we can even activate a death and time counter in the options menu . Failure is necessary to understand the scenarios, memorize them and subsequently overcome them on the first try in a second or third game.

Although it seems like repeating a section several times to master it is a boring and tiring process, it is actually very satisfying thanks to the refined mechanics and the speed with which the combat and parkour sections unfold. This new installment lasts around 12 hours, and we can always replay a level that we have already finished without losing our improvements or skills. Completing a section perfectly generates a feeling of unparalleled joy and happiness.

Ghostrunner 2: Blades of Precision - In-Depth Video Game Review

One of the great novelties of this sequel is the introduction of the motorcycle, which we use in new chase sections where we have to chase a target or escape from a threat. Without a doubt, these are some of the best moments of the campaign, since driving along walls and avoiding obstacles at full speed raises the adrenaline to the limit with every second.

The Cyberninja's Sword Is Forged With Tears

Giving too much weight to difficulty is a risky decision, because there is always the risk of making the experience unfair and annoying. Although Ghostrunner 2 maintains a good balance, there are moments where it crosses the line and presents sequences that feel artificially difficult. Luckily, they are few and most are in the final stretch.

On the other hand, the campaign has a linear structure for most of it, but on some occasions it experiments and presents semi-open areas where we can explore and obtain collectibles. These parts break up the pacing, and there's one halfway through the game that's frustrating because it's unclear which paths lead to the objectives. While it is fun to ride the bike in the chases, in these sections it is annoying because it easily gets stuck on bumps on the ground and small objects. Fortunately, there are few moments of this nature.

What is a constant throughout the adventure are errors and bugs. These inconveniences are minor, and range from enemies that become paralyzed and ignore us to frame drops in areas with many enemies and objects; However, on 2 or 3 occasions we crossed a structure and fell into the infinite void, which forced us to load the last checkpoint. We hope that the developers will prepare an update that corrects these problems for the official launch.

Ghostrunner 2: Blades of Precision - In-Depth Video Game Review

Something that left us indifferent is the story. Although Ghostrunner 2 makes an honest attempt to present an interesting plot thread that addresses complex science fiction themes, it was unable to capture us due to its dialogue and cliché characters. It also doesn't help that there are few cinematic scenes and that much of the narrative unfolds during the game while we try not to fall into the void in a parkour section or when we try to avoid hostile gunshots. Of course, Jack is endearing and empathetic, even though he is a cyborg. It's a shame he has little room to shine.

Katanas, Futuristic Ninjas And Parkour, What More Could You Ask For?

Ghostrunner 2 is a lot of fun and will delight players looking for a short, challenging experience, as well as those who enjoy honing their skills. Its simplicity works in its favor, and it never becomes repetitive due to the clever level design.

Of course, the difficulty spikes are annoying and the semi-open sections subtract instead of add. Bugs can play a bad trick on us on more than one occasion and it is a shame that the story, despite the attempts to create epic situations and memorable characters, falls short.

These drawbacks take the experience away from perfection and put it a few steps down, but they are incapable of breaking the deal. Ghostrunner 2 proves that a simple, well-executed concept is what you need to deliver entertainment. Of course, it is not suitable for the weak of spirit who lose patience easily.