Discover the Best PC Games That You Can Download and Play for Free

Discover the Best PC Games That You Can Download and Play for Free

If you're looking for great PC games to play without having to spend a dime, look no further! From classic role-playing titles to action-packed racing and simulators, there are plenty of free games that you can download and start playing right away. We've rounded up the best options so you can enjoy gaming on your PC!

Age of Empires II

One of the most popular PC gaming classics, Age of Empires II is an iconic strategy game that lets you build and lead civilizations throughout various periods. You can choose from 18 different civilizations as you take command of armies and develop cities, research technology upgrades, and negotiate contracts with other leagues to get a leg up on your opponents. With its blend of real-time strategy, empire management, and tactical combat this game is sure to please even the most die-hard gamers!

StarCraft: Brood War

Another classic PC game is StarCraft: Brood War. This real-time strategy game was originally released in 1998 and it’s still regarded as one of the best games of its genre! In this game, you take control of the Terran, Protoss, or Zerg armies to dominate the galaxy by harnessing resources and developing advanced units which you use to crush your opponents. StarCraft: Brood War features engaging missions and a unique multiplayer challenge with 8 players from around the world.

Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic is one of the best PC games you can download and play for free. From its unique graphics to its fast-paced and intense real-time combat, this game never gets old. Players are split into two teams, Red and Blue, and must complete goals such as capturing a control point or escorting a payload. The game comes with 9 distinct character classes that feature different weapons, abilities, and strategies, making each match feel different every time you play it.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another great PC game that you can download for free. This highly competitive strategy game pits two teams of 5 players against each other in a battle to destroy the enemy's Ancient, a large structure located at the tight end of the map. Players pick from over a hundred unique characters, known as heroes, that they control while they compete with their teammates to outplay and defeat their opponents. It's fast-paced, exciting, and endlessly entertaining!

Path of Exile

Path of Exile, first released in 2013 by Grinding Gear Games, is quickly becoming one of the most popular role-playing games around. This dark fantasy game plays like a traditional hack-and-slash RPG where players develop their character as they defeat enemies and complete quests. Along the way, you'll uncover ancient artifacts, fight monsters, and find powerful items that can be used to customize your character's skillset. Best of all? Path of Exile is absolutely free to play!