Anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review

Anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review

Combining the grittiness of cyberpunk and the heart-stirring art of anime, Studio Trigger has created a one-of-a-kind anime series with Anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Dive into our review to find out if this show is worth watching – from its intense action scenes to its thought-provoking story.

What Is 'Edgerunners' About?

Edgerunners follows a mysterious cast of characters in a future metropolis known as the City, who struggle to survive in a world rife with cybernetics, poverty, and rampant crime. The story focuses on their conflicts and quests as they become "edge runners", capable of fighting on the edge between law and chaos. From intense action sequences to emotional character development, this anime series is sure to keep you hooked!

Characters and Worldbuilding

Edgerunners has extensive world-building which makes the characters and plot line easier to digest. The variety of technology, media, cultures, and sectors featured in the anime are all entwined into one another and make for a much more diverse experience overall. Each character has a unique origin story that helps explain their motivations, goals, and reasonings in the show.

Is Edgerunners Worth Watching?

Ultimately, Edgerunners is a show that any fan of the cyberpunk genre should enjoy. The various layers of technology and media link together to create an impressive universe and provide the perfect platform for chases, fight scenes, and creative moments between characters. Overall, Edgerunners is a great watch with many aspects to explore and analyze.

Visuals and Music

One of the most impressive aspects of Edgerunners is its stunning visual design. Locations, characters, and robots are all rendered in a unique style that sets itself apart from many other anime series. The soundtrack also elevates this show to another level as it alternates between moody jazz/hip-hop soon after an exciting action scene, creating a dynamic atmosphere that remains engaging throughout the entire runtime.

Some Spoiler-Free Thoughts on the Story So Far

Although it's only been a few episodes Edgerunners has already taken us on an exciting journey. We've experienced gripping action, intense dialogues, and powerful character moments throughout the series. Key characters are gradually introduced as their individual stories start to intertwine - adding some major twists to the plot! This show keeps its viewers guessing while striving for a seamless join between each episode.