Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse review

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse review

Gamers who are saying that there’s no such thing as a gaming mouse that offers an unfair advantage obviously haven’t tried using the Razer Imperator. Razer is a company that’s proud of offering gaming products that offer an “unfair advantage”. We’ve seen the company offer keyboards, speakers, and mouse mats and a lot of gamers have been raving about these products. Is it time for you to retire your old mouse and make the switch to the Razer Imperator?

Don’t Let its Looks Deceive You

It’s hard to tell the difference between this mouse and the normal mouse that you’ll see in offices. It’s shaped like a common mouse with a scroll wheel. But you’ll have to use this mouse to really see its difference as it offers gaming performance that will surely leave the others behind. You can start by holding this mouse like you normally would. The first thing that you’ll probably notice is the adjustable side buttons. There are also non-slip buttons right below the scroll wheel and they’re pretty large. There’s no clicking the wrong buttons with this bad boy. 

This mouse is designed for right-handed gamers and a few minutes of using it will prove it. It’s ergonomically designed for comfort so using it for hours is not a problem and you won’t feel any strain on your hand. Even your thumb will be in a comfortable position thanks to the rubberized contoured thumb grip. In addition to providing comfort, the ergonomic design also provides you with total control.

Under the Hood

Of course, most gamers are more interested in what the Razer Imperator offers performance-wise. While most gamers will be disappointed with the “boring” look of this mouse, they won’t be disappointed with its performance. This mouse ushers in a fresh yardstick when it comes to accuracy with the help of the new 6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System. 

This new system is complemented by an optical sensor and a laser to make sure that tracking is top-notch no matter what the surface is. Lag is now a thing of the past with this mouse as this mouse matches your every swipe, fast or slow. In addition, it also features a modifiable liftoff tracking distance for additional control. Since it’s made by Razer, the Razer Imperator also features the Synapse Onboard Memory. It also features 7 independent Hyperesponse buttons that you can program. With these technical specifications inside this mouse, it truly is one of the most powerful out there.

Value for Money: The Final Verdict

The only thing that will stop some people from buying this mouse is the price tag. It’s indeed more expensive than the other products. But the saying “you get what you pay for” applies to this mouse. You’re paying for the opportunity to have a mouse that can actually make you a better gamer. 

If you’re a serious gamer, the price tag shouldn’t be a concern especially since amazing driver software is also included. There’s a possibility that the Razer Imperator is the last mouse that you’ll ever need. At least until the time comes when it breaks down from too much gaming. Judging from the quality that Razer is known for, that will be a lot of gaming hours.