Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G700 – gaming mouse is one of the best wireless mice on the market today. Use it and you can’t leave it.

You can call it the new-gen MMO or simply a high-end gaming mouse. Whatever you think it is, the Logitech G700 – gaming mouse is an utter delight! You can’t imagine the number of features it is packed with. Just go and get it. You will be thoroughly satisfied. Similar to the M950, the Logitech 700 has a smaller thumb rest compared to the 950. The design has its share of subtleties and wonders. It is a design that’s tried and tested and has proven efficient in the past. It’s durable and a treat to hold. Equipped with thirteen programmable buttons, this bad boy is capable of giving you the best gaming experience ever.

Although not all games support this and require you to use both the keypad and the mouse, it is still a unique experience. Imagine the experience when you have games that can be played entirely with this mouse. The Logitech G700 – gaming mouse has dual wheel modes – free-flowing and one with a clicking feel. You can switch the modes by pressing the button just beneath the scroll wheel, on the top. This placement of the button is quite convenient, unlike the other mice that have the button at the side. You can easily switch the modes without disturbing the gaming session.

High precision and high DPI – both features are present in the Logitech G700. This is something you cannot imagine. It supports up to 5000 DPI and you can program numerous DPIs and switch over. This wireless mouse has a microUSB at the front for recharging purposes. The receiver that comes with the mouse is small and can be stored in the battery partition when not used. When you plug the mouse into the USB it charges and also acts as a regular mouse. The moment you unplug, it switches back automatically to the wireless mode. Of course, the tiny receiver must be plugged in.

When it comes to performance, Logitech G700 – gaming mouse surpasses all. Wireless or connected, it performs equally well in both modes. Both long and short movements are reproduced flawlessly on the screen. The buttons are placed in a very logical way so that the user never faces difficulty in accessing them. You can easily understand which button your finger is on without even looking at it. It’s perfect for RPG and strategy games as they require extra buttons.

The features that take it above the rest are its high programmability, comfort, wireless capability, and of course the logically placed buttons. In fact, you can easily perform certain gaming actions that were previously either difficult or impossible to perform. With Logitech G700, you are empowered. It takes the gamer and the gaming experience to a completely different level. Thus, it is a product worth purchasing. The fact is that it will take quite some time before you have such a high-end mouse such as this.