Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review

The G500 mouse is based on the award-winning G-Series G5 Mouse, and just like its former stablemate it has a total of 10 buttons; the left and right mouse buttons have responsive and immediate action, and in between these we find the famous and unique Dual Mode scroll wheel; the button hidden craftily behind the wheel disengages the clicking mechanism, allowing the user to scroll incredibly fast. It’s not called a Hyper-Scroll wheel for nothing. Using the included Software, SetPoint 6.20 it is possible to program each button to a separate keystroke or keyboard macro so you can have access to that favorite weapon at ease, it is also possible to use a programmable button for switching dpi resolution settings on the fly.

In terms of size, this is one of the larger Logitech laser Mice, the G500 is considerably larger than the G9x, and it is also slightly above average in terms of weight, which can be further increased using the adjustable weight system. This allows the user to add up to 27g to the mouse. The ergonomics of the mouse make it much more appropriate for gamers who use the palm grip, although we found it suited all users comfortably.

This gaming mouse shares the same 5700 dpi Laser sensor as the G700, and the G9x which are the highest-resolution mice that we have ever tested. The Logitech G500 mouse performs very well whilst gaming, as you can quickly switch dpi settings, customize through the excellent software and move between profiles whilst playing different games. Essentially, with the Logitech G500 gaming mouse, you still get the customizable weight kit, the comfortable grip, the cleverly positioned buttons as well as the very high 1000 MHz polling rate in the laser sensor, to ensure smooth accurate cursor tracking, but without the price tag attached to the G9x.

Logitech G500 Settings

With the Logitech G500, tracking, and action are excellent regardless of surface. The mouse itself is attractive and the shape is beyond reproach. The gaming mouse G500 is one of the world's premier mice; it’s comfortable, feels like it will last forever, and comes with the strong foundation that is Logitech. I personally was so impressed with this that I find myself using it more and more. It has its own built-in memory as was mentioned before, which can hold the settings of your favorite game. It is easy to set up and saves a great deal of time when allocating keyboard shortcuts to the individual mouse buttons. Do it just once and the mouse remembers. It even works if you go to your friend's house to play.


At just 109.99 Dollars the G500 ticks ALL the boxes, it is every bit as responsive and adjustable as the G9x, both in weight and button usage;

it feels great in use and has the same legendary customer support.