Cyborg RAT 9 Review

Cyborg RAT 9 Review

This is the Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 the big brother and stable-mate to the award-winning R.A.T. 7; By using the next generation of 2.4 GHz Zero Latency wireless technology to provide the best gaming experience ever.

Perfection is the RAT 9

How do you hold yours? Regardless of whether you palm or claw the Cyborg it quickly and easily alters in size; Length, Width, and Height adjustments can be made to accommodate every hand size, type, and style of grip. On top of this, the Thumb Wheel Section of the R.A.T. 9 slides forwards and backward, plus a pivoting mechanism that allows the perfect angle to be achieved for optimum comfort whilst you game the day away.


A shockingly fast 1ms response time guarantees that you will have the first chance, every time.

Custom Designed Receiver – Li-Ion Recharging Station

With long battery life and on-the-fly 10-second battery swaps, the Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 can game forever, supplied with 2, Star Trek-esque, custom-manufactured Lithium Ion energy cells. One for use in the R.A.T. whilst you charge the 2nd in the exceedingly Futuristic Looking Docking “Pod”. Wireless means Wireless with the Cyborg RAT 9.

25-5600 DPI

Fitted with an industry first, the ‘twin eye’ optical laser sensor with multi-axis scanning, the Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 can track at a speed exceeding 6 meters per second, 40 miles an hour! The Professional gaming clans who prefer fully adjustable sensitivity settings will find they always have pinpoint tracking and the accuracy of a Gaming God.

Custom Lightweight Alloy Central Chassis

The design and configuration of the Rat 9 are shown to be the greatest in the mouse chassis; built from aerospace grade alloy and machined to within 10 thousandths of an inch, you can see the quality and the workmanship shining through. The rigid alloy frame provides the Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 with an unsurpassed feel.

Bespoke, Futuristic Weight System

Light, Heavy, or Not Sure? You can add up to 30g of additional mass to the RAT 9?  With space for up to five 6-gram weights, you can perfect the mouse to your gameplay style. The weights can be removed and refitted in seconds, to give you the ability to choose the perfect weight for the perfect mouse. Plus, when you’ve finished, the RAT 9s Futuristic Docking Station has a custom-made, and wickedly styled weight storage “Pod”, so they can be safely stored away with no chance of loss.


You just can’t fail, it’s almost unfair! Using the supplied ST Programming Software you can set or modify almost every aspect of the RAT 9. Sensitivity, Cursor Speed (Tracking), Resolution, and more. The Precision Aiming setup will help you make your shots count.

5 Fully Programmable Buttons

Fitted with a total of 7 buttons, the Cyborg RAT 9 has all the bases covered.  5 of these buttons can be customized to any key or Macro of your choice. Profile Creation for individual Game setup has never been better.

4 Custom Dpi Modes

By using the Rocker Switch on the RAT 9 you can toggle through the custom Dpi settings programmed within the mouse.

3 “Cyborg” Gaming Modes

Decide on the fly between three Cyborg® R.A.T. 9 modes, with the ability to change sensitivity settings or program button and keyboard actions whilst, in-game, you can have access to up to 15 preset commands!

3 Palm Rests & 3 Pinkie Grips

A Pinkie Grip and a Palm Rest with the same luxurious soft finish that you will find adorning the body on the Cyborg® R.A.T. 9

A Pinkie Grip and a Palm Rest coated in a thin layer of rubber to help you with your grip.

A Pinkie Grip with a wider shape, designed to allow you to comfortably rest your little finger whilst in use.

A Palm Rest with a thicker profile to increase the height of the R.A.T. 9 by 4mm.

Includes the Cyborg® ST Programming Software

Modify the Dpi Settings, and your cursor speed and build profiles to suit your style for each and every game you own. You can assign individual, separate commands to each of the 5 Programmable Buttons. It is very simple and very quick to set up and once you feel the power it gives you in your hand with the Cyborg RAT 9, you’ll never go back.