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Cheap Gaming Mouse

Cheap gaming mouse – Just like any critical device, the best cheap gaming mouse also undergoes several quality testing procedures. The one who comes through all the tests with flying colors will be immediately introduced into the professional gaming world. Ultimately it is your experience with the gadget that makes the cheap gaming mouse highly ranked and respected. If you are searching for such a mouse, you have come to the right spot right now. Some of the most frequently used testing parameters could be

* Quality of tracking. The synchronization of movement between the gadget on the pad and the connected cursor in the game is tested here. Tolerance for any variation is to be zero.

* Coverage of surface area. This is determined as a ratio between the space covered by the hardware gadget and the corresponding area covered by the cursor on the screen. The best gaming-related mouse scores 1:15 units or above.

* Consumption of power. If your mouse consumes 5-VDC or less, you could be assured of its quality design.

* Integration with multiple OS with minimum or zero size driver software.

A professionally designed cheap gaming mouse will have many other features also built into it, which will make it attractive, affordable, and authenticated for connecting with a maximum number of today’s modern era multidimensional games.

SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm Gaming Mouse inches

SteelSeries Heroes

The first product that We are introducing to you in this session is bestowed with most of the sophisticated features. The 5-star rating of 100% adds an additional feather to its quality rating by all the users. Some of the most prominent features of SteelSeries heroes of the storm gaming mouse include

* The optical sensor used in this cheap gaming mouse has the capacity of the most optimum DPI. This satisfies most of the high-end, intermediate, and basic levels of games you find today.

* A system of weight adjustment is designed to give you complete control over the minutest movements of the best cheap gaming mouse. If you ever wonder what this is all about, it has to do with your level of comfort while using the mouse. The designers have taken care to develop a prototype that can get adapted to every user’s hand and gripping style with ease.

* The mouse is highly ambidextrous-natured. With no visible and disturbing external curves, this mouse is highly suitable for both right and left-handed users. Even if you were to switch the device between right and left-hand use, the adaptability of the device is quite remarkable.

* Programming the mouse button is quite complex, especially in today’s emerging multiple formats of the gaming world. The designers of this cheap gaming mouse seem to have taken special care in accommodating 8 such buttons that can be custom programmed. You will find its best use when it comes to working with macros in the games.

* If you look at the 11,750-FPS, you can instantly guess the level to which it improves the speed of your cursor during the game. It also takes care of giving you the maximum possible realistic sensation while you play the game.

* The faster your response time is the better points you can garner, and the chances of your winning increase. With a custom set of 1-MS, this cheap gaming mouse ensures the maximum probability of your game winning.

* Now you don’t need to perform the additional task of installing a mouse driver. This is because this best cheap gaming mouse comes with a built-in driver that auto-configures itself to any OS used today.

* It weighs as light as 3.2-ounces only and measures 4.92″ x 2.68″ x 1.50, making it highly health-friendly for your hand and fingers. Stress levels on your hand and shoulder have been practically shown to fall by more than 70%.

Gigabyte 4000dpi Precision Shooting Gaming Mouse (GM-RAPTOR)

Gigabyte 4000dpi

This is the second product in our review today. The first impression you get when you see the GM-Raptor Mouse is “is it an amphibian?” True to its visual appeal, this cheap gaming mouse is rated to be highly adaptable to all OS platforms and gaming systems. This is probably one of the reasons why this best cheap gaming mouse has got a 100% 5-star rating. Some of the most prominent features include

* It has an optical sensor that has a capacity of 4000-DPI.

* The sniper-hotkey feature ensures that you have the option to gain the maximum possible points in multidimensional shooting games.

* The weight-adjustment option ensures that your hand quickly gets adapted to using this cheap gaming mouse without too much stress.

* Every key in the best cheap gaming mouse could be independently programmed to suit the custom needs of every game that you play. This feature ensures the compatibility of the device with both installed gaming programs as well as online games.

* DPI values could be changed in real time according to the need of the game.

* The Bluetooth mouse is designed with an anti-slick rubber grip. In addition, the amphibian-shaped design of the device ensures that you can comfortably grip the mouse and play every game with maximum flexibility and comfort.

* It has a long life of 10 million clicks. That means it could last for at least two generations of users.

* The option for using this as a wireless gaming mouse adds an extra feature for extending the coverage area of the mouse away from the PC and laptop on which you have installed the game.

* The overall design of these types of gaming mice 880 ensures that your palm can comfortably grip the mouse while playing.

* The best cheap gaming mouse has been designed to glide gently on the mouse pad, causing near-zero friction and resistance. That means the gap between the stimuli generated by your game and your response is also made to near zero. Once you start on this type of cheap gaming mouse, your alertness while playing and reflex actions could undergo a remarkable transformation with time.