Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Apex Pro Mini is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is designed for gamers and typists. The keyboard features a sleek design, which has an aluminum top plate, and RGB backlit keys. This Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is made of high-quality materials and feels sturdy when you use it. It comes with all the standard keys that you need to type to get work done. The keyboard also has a built-in wrist rest, which is perfect for long typing sessions.

The battery life on this keyboard lasts up to 18 months without needing any recharge or replacement of the battery pack. You can use it while charging as well because it comes with an integrated USB cable that allows you to charge your phone as well while using the Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable Switches

The Apex Pro Mini Wireless is designed to enhance your gaming experience. This keyboard gives you the freedom of wireless connectivity, a low-profile design, and an improved keystroke feel. The new OmniPoint 2.0 switches use state-of-the-art magnetic sensors for an instant, zero-contact keystroke activation to give you the best gaming performance around.

2-in-1 Action Keys

Apex Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard is a two-in-one action key mechanical keyboard. It can program two actions to a single key, depending on how you press it. Walk forward with a light key press, and then sprint by pressing that same key with more force. This makes for an innovative input device for gaming and working.

Ultimate Adjustability

The Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a game changer. This wireless keyboard may be small in size, but it has the same feel and functionality as a full-sized keyboard. Its design features an adjustable palm rest, allowing for the best typing position for each user.

Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Compact 60% Design

The Apex Pro Mini is a 60% keyboard that's built to create more space on your desk for the game-winning mouse swipes while retaining all the capabilities of a full-size keyboard with its side-printed secondary functions.

Quantum 2.0 Wireless

The Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is the perfect peripheral for gamers on the go. With Bluetooth and 2.4GHz technology or Bluetooth 5.0, it can connect with your devices up to 10 meters away. It's small enough to fit in your backpack and lightweight for treks across the countryside.

SteelSeries Engine

SteelSeries Engine has been designed to give gamers access to a suite of powerful features, controls, and customization options. With SteelSeries Engine you can easily customize individual keys, set macros, adjust RGB lighting color and brightness, manage keyboard profiles, and more.

Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review


Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a compact form factor, making it perfect for all types of gamers. The keyboard features an aggressive design with breathing light effects and RGB backlighting that you can customize on the fly.