ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse Review

ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse Review

ROCCAT is a gaming peripheral company that was founded in 2007. They are headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The company has an award-winning design team and a cutting-edge R&D department.

ROCCAT's goal is to provide gamers with professional gaming gear that can meet the requirements of their gaming style. The company’s motto is "We make products for those who demand more."

The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse is a high-end mouse that is designed to be responsive and accurate.

The mouse has a 4D Titan Wheel which can be used in four different ways: free-wheeling, clickable, tiltable, and rotatable. The 4D Titan Wheel also has an integrated button that can be programmed as the user's desired function. The mouse also features a DPI adjustment button for changing the sensitivity of the mouse on the fly. This means that gamers can use this mouse when they are playing different games without needing to change their settings in between games.

Symmetrical Shape

The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse features an air symmetrical shape to deliver more comfort than the competition. It's crafted from scratch for comfort and performance - a perfect synergy. The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air allows you to freely customize the weight of your thumb with its soft-touch material. It also has an Ambidextrous design, with a symmetrical shape for more comfort and feels in both hands.

Stellar Wireless Plus Bluetooth

ROCCAT has made the perfect mouse for any gamer looking to maximize their performance. The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse Stellar Wireless Plus Bluetooth offers a variety of features that make it one of the best on the market. This wireless mouse is built for gamers who demand speed and accuracy with a streamlined, professional design.

Roccat Bionic Shell

ROCCAT is a company that makes gaming peripherals and accessories. They are also the first company to bring AIMO, an AI program designed by ROCCAT, to their gaming mice. The Bionic Shell on the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air is water- and dust-resistant, so gamers can play without worrying about the coating coming off.

Titan Switch Optical

ROCCAT’s Titan Switch Optical with adjustable debounce provides a long-lasting 100 million click life cycle, and its activation point can be adjusted to suit your requirements. This ROCCAT gaming mouse features a 3200 DPI optical sensor for fluidly handling any game with accuracy and speed.


The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse is perfect for the gamer looking for a mouse that offers all the features you need with a wide color range. It has a DPI of up to 12000, lightning-quick tracking speed, and an ergonomic design.