EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Complete Guide to the EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a gaming keyboard that provides an easy-to-use interface with the best gaming features. The mechanical key system offers a good response while providing excellent durability for long-term use. The backlit keys are customizable, allowing gamers to strategize in the dark while providing an aesthetic appeal.

It has a full-size number pad and multimedia keys which allow gamers to be productive while playing. It has dedicated macro keys for shortcuts and setting up custom patterns for different games. It also features on-the-fly macro recording, allowing gamers to record macros during gameplay without interrupting their flow or experience.

Introduction: What is the EVGA Z20 and What Makes it so Special?

The Z20 is the latest gaming keyboard from EVGA. It features large ergonomically-placed macro keys, a convenient volume wheel, and a backlight that displays in 16.8million colors.

The Z20 keyboard has been designed to offer gamers the best of both worlds: a membrane and mechanical switch keyboard combined in one. For the average gamer, this offers an excellent balance of performance and cost, while for professionals with more demanding requirements, it may not be quite as good as a dedicated mechanical keyboard, but still offers superior performance than cheaper membrane keyboards in this category.

The EVGA Z20 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a mid-range gaming keyboard that satisfies most needs without breaking the bank or compromising on quality and features.

EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

EVGA Z20 RGB Review: Design & Build Quality

The EVGA Z20 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a good choice for gamers looking to improve their gaming experience.

The EVGA Z20 RGB features a completely customizable RGB LED-backlit keyboard with 16.8 million color options. It also features an RGB LED on the space bar which cycles through different colors as you type. The keyboard has 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, and 1x USB 3.1 Type C ports, along with two headphone/microphone jacks and two speaker/mic jacks on the front of the keyboard for easy access during gaming sessions.

The EVGA Z20 is available in both black and white options and it retails for USD 169 at most retailers which makes it more expensive than most keyboards of this type.

EVGA Z20 RGB Review Part 2: Features and Performance

In the second part of this EVGA Z20 RGB review, we will be looking at the keyboard performance and whether or not it is worth the wait.

In the first part of this EVGA Z20 RGB Review, we discussed how it is one of the most compelling keyboards in recent years. It offers several features that make it a worthy competitor to Razer's BlackWidow X Chroma V2 and Corsair's K95 Platinum. With this EVGA Z20 RGB review, we will be looking at whether or not its performance lives up to expectations.

The keyboard does not have any noticeable noise when pressed down on, which is a good thing if you do not want to disturb your fellow office mates while typing away on your computer.

EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Conclusion: The Conclusion to the EVGA Z2O RGB Keyboard Review

The EVGA Z2O RGB keyboard provides both quality and performance for its price. It is a standard gaming keyboard with RGB features that are easy to use.

I recommend the EVGA Z2O RGB keyboard for gamers on a budget.