Which Gaming Console Is Best?

Which Gaming Console Is Best?

Looking for the best gaming console of 2021? You’re in the right place. The landscape has changed significantly since the early day of game systems, and we’ve compiled the best gaming systems of 2021 along with their best bundles right here.

We don’t always get it right from the get-go, and we’re always looking to improve, but rest assured that whatever device you’re looking at in our shopping section will already be set up, seamlessly connected, and ready to play whenever you are. Here’s what’s coming your way in the gaming realm:


This elite gaming system gives all of your friends and family the chance to play AAA titles with high-fidelity graphics for less than $500. Has your parent lend you their credit card? Just saying. 


This impressive little monster system is a beast of a beast within itself, clocking in at a blistering 1Gbps performance and an incredibly rich and immersive sound and image experience paired with brilliant connectivity features. The 7600G offers a down-payment to boot. These performance claims are nothing short of game-changing. 

3FX ONE 1.0 & Stealth 850

The brand new and improved version of your favorite gaming console, the very latest console from Team Red. Launched in July, this powerhouse 8-core processor system on a 16GB data kit is so efficient you’ll be wonderstruck by how sacrificing only this small amount will power all of the processor, graphics cards, and memory you need for a 22-teraflop machine. For less than $550, it’s one heck of a steal. 

60 Hz

The long-awaited sequel to our first award-winning SEO software, this revolutionary new program lets you experience that cutting-edge gaming experience together with your favorite friends and family. 

5SEOPTIC CELL TECH4U 29" Widescreen LED Matrix

Get the most out of your favorite browser games, and try out some of the latest Internet content. This new iteration runs at the highest refresh rate and resolution to help you immerse yourself in new worlds and commit your wins online.


The hottest new idea in retro-gaming, this belt is sure to please the most discerning gamer.

of the Xbox 360 (in fact, a huge progression for the goals of home entertainment consoles). While the Xbox One generation is regarded as a huge failure in many circles, it sold exceedingly well, as demonstrated by its position as Microsoft’s bestselling console for the past 12 months.

Furthermore, there are some undeniable reasons why a 2020 Xbox One S might be a better value than an Xbox Series X (even if you opt for the less powerful console in some interstitial times):

Which Gaming Console Is Best?

Since most buyers will have multiple pieces of home entertainment equipment at home as well as a family who might be “gaming on the couch” (and that’s OK), it’s understandable if a gamer wants to differentiate between these two systems. The goal here is to cater to all bases by looking at the major differences that a PS5 or a HomePod Mini enthusiast will likely care about, and then touching on the less significant matter of a console’s design and capabilities.

Let’s dive in.

The differences between the current lineup of consoles are pretty stark, to say the least. The original Xbox One was notably ahead of its time in several respects, primarily concerning its data input and online capabilities. While it boasted a state-of-the-art Blu-ray drive (that’s still the state of the art), one of the worst users of the hardware was notoriously inept, Joe Rogan. The internet preserved his missteps to varying degrees, and it can be easy to see how a Microsoft superfan like Rogan becomes easily frustrated by some minor operation that could have been fixed in a heartbeat.

The Xbox 360 was infamously famous for its hard drive issues (to the point where some eBay listings are selling PlayStation 360 hard drive bales for incredible prices). Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 3 came out with a Blu-ray player severely underpowered by today’s standards. Nevertheless, Sony’s machine was the most popular game console of the generation, with units outselling the Xbox 360’s combined sales for the entirety of its lifecycle. MSCHF also managed to deploy several interesting innovations which led to several hundred percent increases in used game sales.

Outside of gaming, Microsoft also drew some interesting lines with its lineup of machines:

The most measurable “emergence” of the Xbox Series X was actually not a direct result of a spec bump but a reasonable price drop.

Of course, in the gaming world price discounts are an absolute rarity nowadays. “2020 Xbox One S used game price $179.99” sounds like a great deal right? Well, let’s dig a little deeper into 2016 when Sony and Microsoft held their Fight Of The Decades events to decide who would inhabit the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S ranges of consoles. This event also saw the launching of Microsoft’s Project CARS and Sony’s Neo and Demon’s Souls, and, to say that the franchise has been thriving in the interim would be an understatement (even six years later audiences still flock to the franchise for its deep story and cinematic storytelling). 

Which Gaming Console Is Best?

But, let’s be honest; studios and publishers have been reduced to making all of the core games that were launched alongside their respective console launches. What’s been left behind is a virtual library of “main” games, that, for the most part, still translates on current generation consoles — just in an upgraded way. It’s understandable given the sheer amount of games releasing over the last few years, but there are still a handful of titles that really showcase what PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have to offer and what Microsoft and Sony can still do. So, before jumping in to pick your then and now “recommendation,” I’d like to take you back to the beginning…

In early 2009, the original PlayStation 3 was released worldwide and, initially, it wasted no time in receiving acclaim. Sony’s gallant attempt to increase its market share by offering a price drop for its console had proven to be working — extremely well in fact — with total shipment sales of the console setting an all-time high of 23.68 million units shipped in the fiscal year. 

Less than half a year after its release, however, Sony announced the PlayStation 3 Ultimate Back Catalog, a collection of updated and upgraded games that would offer even sharper graphics, player control and resolution options, accessibility options, and the possibility to purchase games individually (just like the Special Edition releases of The Last Of Us, Ratchet, and Clank and Uncharted).

The Ultimate Back Catalog gained mainstream attention, and developers and publishers took notice, jumping at the chance to take advantage of Sony’s premium pricing model that offered fans an unparalleled collection of launch titles for the system. Such a move was a tremendous risk, however, with some studios choosing to forego the Ultimate Back Catalog to focus on their launch titles for Sony’s PS3, including Obsidian Entertainment, Midwinter, 

Which Gaming Console Is Best?

Pandemic Studios and the State Of Play. Considering the growing backlog of releases from major studios on the PS3, it’s amazing to see how many gamers across all generations could sit and play a new title in the 16-bit/64-bit era for the console’s limited physical storage capacities.