Tips For The Ultimate Video Game Lover

Tips For The Ultimate Video Game Lover

Video games have become part of a popular culture that is played by millions worldwide. This article makes some recommendations regarding how to become an expert gamer.

Furthermore, it often mentions games that you can play for FREE online.

This is the first article of what we are calling site guides or beginner guides. We hope that this article is read by several of you and provides additional information on topics related to gaming, knowledge of general SEO techniques, and how to become an awesome gamer. And we present several sites that you might find beneficial.

Of course, none of this information could be considered new. However, it could be presented in a new, more useful manner.

Bottom or Top of the Site?

Does an article/post-fall at the bottom of the site or the top? Does it perform well at the bottom of the site or at the top?

For example, if you search for "PPC 101," the number one result should be the PPC Basics. That means you should go to page one to make a discovery. The "entry" is the page that lists some basic information about the subject. 

Other topics should also be at the bottom of the site. If you ever have to show someone the basics of a subject, this is the way to go. Examples would be the article on H1, H2, and H3 tags, or the beginner's guide on Online PR. SEO has become aware of these topics and has optimized them on our sites.

The best pages should be at the top because they provide deeper information than the bottom of the site. For example, a page that simply lists all the PPC forums should be at the top of the site. The information found here is well organized, easy to read, and provides a good overview of many topics related to PPC.

Having the best information at the top of the site allows visitors to:

See what others have done and experienced(ed) earlier. 

Customize their experience based on the experience of others. 

Go directly from one topic to another. 

Look for questions. If you are new to gaming, look for the questions already asked. If you are an expert on a specific topic, then go to the best search engines and look for answers.

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Top of the Site?

If an article/post seems that it went to the top compared to a Google search, it may have gone through a PR push by the site. PR pushes are unnecessary in almost every case when the Internet exists. Follow the advice of the journalist that wrote the article. PR push is necessary to show that you wrote something interesting that got popular.

200 million: That’s how many people play video games on any given day in the United States. According to market research company Superdata, Wii U sales were at 3.4 million units worldwide as of April 2019. Some younger gamers have many more things to do than play video games. Grand Theft Auto V has sold 10 million copies since its release in 2013. Another game with record sales is Call of Duty: Black Ops “Black Ops 4 gives players an unparalleled multiplayer experience that brings storytelling and player agency to a generation-defining experience.”

With big sales come big salaries. Video game developers generate huge amounts of money. This article will discuss how you can become a game developer, according to a PayScale study.

Tips For The Ultimate Video Game Lover

This is an entry-level position for a large game development firm. These developers work in teams that develop video games. A big problem for new game developers is the lack of experience they have. According to a LinkedIn study, only 4.2% of the game developer job applicants in 2019 had four or more years of game development experience.

Most developers start as junior developers. Teaching new developers is important. According to a LinkedIn study, four years of experience in game development was required by 50% of the job seekers in 2019. Teaching junior game developers can become a lucrative side business where you can earn extra money at the same job.

As a junior developer, you can use web development skills as well as programming skills to enhance your game development skills. A blog post by CyberPunk on his development company’s website mentioned how senior developers use web development skills. You can use web development skills to make websites and improve your skills as a game developer. 

According to another study, web development skills are not necessarily required for game development more.

There are many positions that developers fill. Senior designers and artists are commonly involved with the game development process. In 2019, these two positions accounted for 47.5% and 25.6% of the game development jobs, respectively.

Creative directors are often involved with the art and design process. According to a LinkedIn study, this is the only other position that accounts for more than 15% of the game development jobs.

The role of a game director is to manage the entire creative aspects of a game. Game directors make an ongoing series of decisions that will affect the storyline, story mode, characters, design, graphics, etc. According to a University of Southern California study, a director should “imagine, plan, teach, and motivate the whole company’s employees to create a cohesive and appealing story.