Reasons Why You Will Be Better at PS4 Gaming with a Keyboard and Mouse

Reasons Why You Will Be Better at PS4 Gaming with a Keyboard and Mouse

PlayStation 4 is the best gaming console in the world, but one thing it's lacking is PC-like controls. That's where the Xim Apex comes in. For the full review, see this article.

At first glance, the Xbox Series X graphics hardware looks very similar to its predecessor, the Xbox One X. While that is true, the Xbox Series X graphics hardware packs a more powerful GPU, superior compression algorithms, more advanced particle systems, and dedicated game switching hardware. The Xbox Series X now has more compute capacity than the PS4 Pro ever could, and it can run Xoem content as efficiently as the PS4 Pro can’t. And if you plan on playing games like Fortnite on it, you will be impressed. The only major stumbling block is that it doesn’t come with a keyboard and mouse thanks to Microsoft’s backward compatibility policy. Many will opt for the more expensive Xbox Series S instead. Both consoles are backward compatible with Xbox 360, which makes the choice of hardware choice a lot easier.

The hardware in question is the AMD Radeon Pro 5700XT GPU.

The Xbox Series X is up to seven times faster than the Xbox One X in terms of graphics. Not only that, but it has twice the amount of dedicated game switching hardware. The Xbox Series X can run games like Fortnite 1920 x 1200 natively, with up to 60 FPS framerates. It can also run games up to 4K at up to 60 FPS with amazing visual effects.

Basically, the Xbox Series X is a complete game console with incredible hardware. Does it have its limitations? Of course. For one thing, the Xbox Series X supports only XCloud multiplayer, and you can’t use Xbox One accessories with the machine.

The 1070ti graphics card fits most cases with a pair of 1080p screens and is over twice as fast as an average graphics card.

If your Xbox Series X is starting to show its age, and you want to upgrade to a more powerful machine, the Radeon Pro 5850X is a hardware upgrade that offers a dramatic performance increase. But it’s no game console, as the cards are for connecting monitor docks and not playing games. They are cheaper, of course, but there’s no guarantee of stability or reliability. For my personal use case, though, the performance bump is great, and I’m honestly surprised by the price.

Xbox Series X

Now, a quick word on scalpers. Scalpers buy outdated models from the official Xbox stockists and resell them for full price. They will usually get the GPU previously used by another player and modify it to work on their machine, often adding cutting-edge liquid cooling solutions that drain the actual power supply from the graphics card.

The Xbox Series S and X follow suit in having a controller made to accompany their gaming console. But it’s not the same.

As you can see from my initial comparison, the Xbox’s controller was very similar to Microsoft’s Xbox product line as a whole — barely any upgrades have been made since normal Xbox billing began. This means a controller built for dedicated Xbox gamers is not only limited when trying to bring their existing consoles to the PC ecosystem but increases the likelihood of using an inferior alternative.

Now consoles are cheaper than PCs, but not by that much. If you use an Xbox 360 controller (a.k.a lesser models of the original Xbox controller models), you can buy a good one for less than $50. This controller would allow me to get a baseline understanding of the Xbox experience.

This is where I stumbled upon the Xim Apex. It’s an Xbox One controller that, like the Revolver and Apex, is designed for PC use. However, it offers the same signature Xbox One functionalities that the normal Xbox One controller would, like High-Fidelity audio and Smart Steering.

It’ll cost you $249.99, which includes nearly the same amount of storage that an Xbox 360 controller will cost you, but is upgradable to be roughly equivalent to the Xbox One controller.

If you’re a PC gamer who also owns an Xbox One, it makes sense that you’d want to use the same controller on both platforms. And the controller doesn’t stop with Xbox functionality — the Xim Apex supports Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller Program and offers customizable layouts, profiles, and different features for each player. It even supports different pitch shifters and triggers for each player! It’s a really well-rounded controller that you should be buying especially if you have an Xbox One, an Xbox 360, or Xbox One S.

Xbox One

People love to compare controllers on a platform-by-platform basis, especially between multi-format competitors. But comparisons are meaningless without proper comparison platforms. And my personal favorite comparison platform by far is hands-on with the product that you’re testing. I’ve seen dozens of these articles in the last eight months. Paired with my impressions, they get you up to speed with a new gaming system, but they lack judgment and detail.

You see, information on the peripherals we use in our home and work is often not provided in the way most gamers want it. Games are thick PDFs. Reviews are long paragraphs crafted by select team members. YouTube videos are forty minutes long and feature cool instructional music.

A Japanese cheat software studio called SNK invented KOF 13: Imperishable Night and KOF Ultra Sword as official PlayStation 4 titles and, for a time, they were pretty amazing. They weren’t as good as the arcade originals, but they were solid replications of classic Street Fighter 2. Unfortunately, they were only released in Japan and 5.3 million units were sold worldwide.

That’s a pretty lousy rate of sales per title. What’s worse? All those games were leeches on the already low sales of Street Fighter 2.

However, the company held onto the arcade originals and many custom games. Virtua Fighter 5, a port of the arcade original with all-new fighters, was a huge hit. It was then that I heard of the Apex cheat software. Since the 3rd edition of the game had certain boost features, I was curious to try them out. Spoiler: it was a huge hit.

There are many reasons to buy or play the Apex cheat software. The biggest reason being online play. Here’s why it’s still the best cheat software you can play on the PlayStation 4 console.

It allows you to punch, kick, dodge, and block at will. Going against the computer’s inputs is pretty much impossible, which means you are free to do whatever you want and not get penalized in the slightest. You are also free to do as you please within the cheat software’s confines.

Another major benefit of the Apex cheat software is speed. All punches and kicks snap to the beat of the music. Sega Genesis and NES-style titles were notorious for their hit or miss rhythm game controls. Thankfully, Tekken, one of the most technical fighting games in history, was fine-tuned enough to give every character a rhythm-driven punch or kick.

While other developers have tried beat 'em ups using a real punch and kick buttons in their control schemes, none have been this precise.

Sometimes you do get hit by a move and are forced to tap the directional pad to defend yourself, but it’s never a frustrating experience. It even boasts online matchmaking that allows you to face your friends in ranked or unranked matches. I’ve never had better online gameplay than with the Apex cheat software.

It’s not all roses with the cheat software. It has a worldwide multiplayer mode, but it is targeted more towards hardcore Street Fighter 2 players.

Want to compete against the best? All you have to do is download the Apex client from the Japanese PlayStation store. The full manual is 6 pages long and has extensive in-game explanations.