Logitech G733 Headset Review

Logitech G733 Headset Review

Personalize your headset lighting across the full spectrum, 16.8 M colors. Play in colors with front-facing, dual-zone Lightsync RGB lighting and choose from preset animations or create your own with G HUB software.

Logitech, the industry-leading head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturer, today announced a new, world-first wireless gaming headset featuring dynamic personalization on three user-adjustable brightness levels.

The G733 Lightspeed Wireless will be the first wireless game headset with expressive color lighting fully integrated with an HMD, providing MMO and competitive players with an uber-saturated color palette that’ll elevate their streamline visuals.

“Gamers just don’t realize how much light and color they can impact in virtual spaces,” said Jay Boente, gaming product marketing manager, Logitech. “The G733 Lightspeed Wireless gaming headset is going to be a game-changer, allowing players to have their own color palette impacting their virtual environments.”

Available later this year for USD 249.99, the G733 Lightspeed Wireless is distinguished by a sleek, streamlined design featuring intuitive multi-control buttons mounted on the top ring and a T-shaped microphone with customizable color options and logical volume and mute controls. 

Gamers will have complete control over customization, including re-arranging lighting zones based on the season and game they’re playing and changing the audio and microphone optimization settings for gaming scenarios. A variety of supported games will also feature built-in customization through the Logitech Gaming Software (GSS) platform, G Suite.

“Millions of gamers enjoy color commentary for their favorite e-sports matches by using telemetry from their game and video capture equipment to adjust OLED displays and LED backlights,” said Boedecker. “Having color customizable lighting for your gaming headset can elevate your gaming experience and makes it a must-have accessory for any streamline PC gamer.”

The G433 Lightning Gaming Headset, Logitech’s award-winning G Series of products, utilizes micro-thin drivers to produce crisp, clear sound and a more immersive soundstage compared to its wired predecessors while offering a choice between a 3.5mm or 6.3mm bag plug. The G433 features an advanced noise-canceling microphone with a pre-designed digital noise gate and adjustable gain.

About Logitech

Logitech is the global leader in PC gaming, having earned its reputation as the gold standard for quality and aesthetics, gaming haptics, and audio community support. The company’s lineup of products includes headsets, keyboards, mice, tablets, desktops, and peripherals, including legendary Logitech keyboards and mice, headsets, keyboards, mice, game-changers, and software. Logitech also provides consulting services for developers and creators, provides professional audio and visual software, and manages the worldwide operations of G-Series. Another distinctive aspect of Logitech is that it also manufactures keyboards and mice that devices consumers use to conduct their video gaming and PC-based online activity.

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This item has been discontinued. See the G433 and G Pro X. Blinded Gaming, Crafted to Impress

The G-Series RGB lighting pushes the boundaries of lighting customization to the next level. Designed to enhance your comfort, it’s the first and only gaming headset to feature two full brightness zones, giving you full control over the effect you’re looking for. Choose the custom-pattern lighting for white or blue light zones, expand the range of color shift effects with alpha and beta effects, or take a more practical approach and choose a neutral look with simple color shifting for whenever you want.

Logitech G733 Headset Review

Enjoy peak lighting performance with support for the Switch Alpha Stand, turning your peripheral lights off and on with a simple touch. No driver is required, so you can enjoy every millisecond of exceptional gaming lighting performance.

Carry your gaming identity with Heavymetal G-SYNC HeadsetSync capability, an industry-first, a game-changing feature that synchronizes stance, gaze, refresh, and microphone audio to deliver the most responsive and natural gaming experience. The G-Series also supports G-SYNC 2, a next-generation gaming standard.

A Personal Favorite

Our Editors’ Choice levels it out even more: The Logitech G-Series G PRO X, one of the highest-rated headsets, also supports G HUB software to help customize the lighting effects with G433 software.

Try diving into the deep end of RGB customization with G-Series headphones. The headset uses Logitech’s exclusive system with built-in streaming technology to bring you personalized lighting that syncs across all of your devices, from PCs to mobile devices and even TVs. It’s the perfect solution to keep your team connected with custom lighting.

The G-Series models feature a built-in USB port for easy connection to your favorite portable audio device, connectivity options for multiple platforms (PC/Mac and Switch), and up to 30 hours’ worth of battery life. And, it’s more affordable than ever before: G-Series headsets retail for $79.99 US, and the G-Pro X and G433 models are sold separately for $99.99 and $49.99, respectively.

Logitech G733 Headset Review

Logitech has a reputation for building some of the top-notch gaming headsets you can buy, and the G G733 is no different. This headset sports a robust build that’ll outlast any other gaming headset you can buy and includes new color schemes, designed in part by one of our favorite artists, Charles Honeywell.

Gossamer woven pads packed with plush memory foam hug every head in a non-intrusive way, also a nice bonus if you plan on using your headset on a desk. The powerful 7.1 surround sound system keeps everything thick and juicy, and the G G733 RGB lighting system makes the whole package pop. If you’re already a fan of Logitech’s headset lineup and can handle some initial setup training, then the G G733 is an excellent choice for you.

With a sound signature that’s neither too neutral nor too aggressive or a visual style that’s neither overly down-and-dirty nor overly bright, it’s easy to see why the HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of gaming’s all-time classics. This receiver doubles as a joypad controller and microphone with built-in warming LED that can customize Xbox settings depending on who’s controlling the console.

Available in Nubuck or PBT plastic finishes, the Alpha’s backlit keycaps have a satisfying click to their operation and pair easily with any type of PC build you’re working with. The Bluetooth connection is solid, but not quite as fast as HyperX’s class-leading Cloud Stinger Wireless, so if you’re a fan of wireless audio and your Internet connection can’t keep up, the Alpha won’t be as playable. And as far as the build goes, it feels high-quality, with all of the buttons and jogs wheel also having a firm and pleasant resistance.

The Alpha also comes with the recently updated PS4 wireless controller, which is rock solid, and cheap enough to make this particular pair a no-brainer. If HyperX has moved past their $150 Clubhouse controller and you’re an Xbox gamer in search of some truly cutting-edge equipment, this is a fantastic choice.

SteelSeries once again takes a well-known gaming audio concept and makes it easier to play on a laptop than ever before. The HS50 is a 40-keyless mechanical gaming keyboard case that once again offers more keys than almost any other gaming keyboard case, making it perfect for vapers, newcomers, and anyone trying to move into more complex gaming.

It’s also incredibly easy to work with; each key is programmable, and SteelSeries has included quick-release concentric scroll wheels to make traveling a cinch.