GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Topping the list of good budget-friendly mechanical keyboards, the GK61 Mechanical gaming keyboard is perfect for beginner gamers or those who are looking for a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard.

With fast-performing switches, LGB lighting, fast responding optical switches, and detachable USB-c cable, this pocket-friendly mechanical keyboard is very similar to the better part of other more pricy keyboards.

The GK61 Gaming keyboard is perfectly suited for starters who are looking forward to improving their gaming skills and anyone who wants to explore the mechanical keyboard option.

What to expect

The GK61 Mechanical keyboards are easily available on both online stores and gaming shops with the huge advantage of having a pocket-friendly price. The package includes;

Braided USB-C cable: with a braided USB cable, it is extremely difficult to get it tangled up which means there is a longer durability period.

Plastic keycap puller: with a keycap puller, it is extremely easy to change the keycaps by yourself without the need for a professional operator. The Keycap puller is one of the most thought of items included in the package.

Keyboard: A keyboard is a major thing included in the package. Without it, the package would be incomplete.

Aluminum switch puller: made of aluminum, the switch puller allows changing of worn-out switches from the keyboard safely. The developer with no doubt considered a lot by including DIY tools in the package.


Build Quality

Made with a plastic cover and an aluminum casing, the keyboard can withstand any mild falls without breaking. The casing gives the gaming keyboard a fresh and attractive look. The GK61 Mechanical gaming keyboard is fitted with four rubber feet on its base, improving the keyboard's grip which is efficient during gaming.


GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Fitted on the white aluminum casing, the gaming keyboards keycaps are made from ABS plastic and double molded to prevent fade with a double shot injection molding. With OEM profile design, the developer ensures that the distance between rows is reduced.

The best feature about the GK61 Mechanical Gaming keyboard keycaps is that they are uniquely textured giving each key a personalized feel.

The stabilizers

With cherry-style plate-mounted stabilizers, they are surprisingly good compared to the rest of the cheap mechanical keyboards available in the market.

The stabilizer lube is messily applied but thanks to the hot-swappable board, you can redo the application more neatly and improve on the noise.

RGB backlighting and Macro Keys

The GK61 is equipped with RGB lighting which can be personalized to the gamers liking giving a personal unique experience. With over 2.6 million backlighting colors to choose from, the gaming keyboard provides the best for its users.

The macro keys on the other hand are important for every gamer's personalized savings. With the ability to save quick keys, gamers are promised a haven of wins and opportunities. In gaming, speed is a crucial factor.


Is GK61 a mechanical keyboard?

The GK61 Mechanical Gaming keyboard is mechanical as the name suggests. The pocket-friendly keyboard offers some of the features only found on the highly expensive keyboard making it worth buying. 

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

With customizable RGB lighting, macro keys, and stabilized keys, the keyboard comes highly recommended for startup gamers who want to take their gaming skills up a notch using a mechanical keyboard.

Is GK61 good for gaming?

The GK61 is perfect for beginner gamers or users who want to improve their mechanical keyboard skills. The fact that it is highly affordable is nothing but icing on the cake.

The keyboard can with time be upgraded, making it a better option compared to its competitors.

What company makes GK61 Gaming Keyboards?

Manufactured by Hong Kong Keyboards, the GK61 is the best pocket-friendly keyboard any gamer will find in the current market. Made with the interest of users who are shopping on a budget, the gaming keyboard surpasses the normal expectations any gamer would have for a keyboard of its price. From RGB backlighting to an extremely fast USB-C cable, the gaming keyboard has it all.

Does GK61 have drivers?

Housing some of the basic yet highly efficient specs a gamer can find on a budget-friendly keyboard, the GK61 does not need drives. Just choose your personalized color combinations from the already available RGB backlighting colors and have fun!

Does the GK61 Software work with Mac?

The GK61 software is highly compatible with both windows and mac. Highly adaptive to different environments, the gaming keyboard is compatible with windows 10, Mac OS, Windows XP, Win7, Win8, and Win Vista. It can easily be used either in offices or at home for leisure.

Pros and Cons

What to like?

Every gamer hopes to find a long-lasting, efficient, and fast gaming keyboard. With GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a gamer gets all that at one affordable price, needless to say, the gaming keyboard houses 60% of what you would find in the best-rated mechanical keyboard.

The GK61 keyboard is highly compatible with some of the recent windows and Mac software making the target audience even larger. This means that the gaming keyboard can be used on both soft wares without any worry or trouble, needless to say, this will save gamers a lot of money.

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Great design and build quality are one of the things to like about the GK61 Gaming Keyboard. Made with a hard plastic casing that makes it almost impossible to break and a sleek yet simple white design that can withstand adverse environments. The textured keys are also a plus on the keyboard design.

Built-in RGB backlighting is one of the features users have to itch their pockets to access. With the GK61 Gaming Keyboard, users get access to millions of customizable colors all at a fair price.

The gaming laptop is mechanical which makes it stand out for the price it is selling at. The keyboard is designed with the budget needs of beginner gamers in mind. It gives the users more quality for less money.

What’s not to like?

The GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a lot to like and for a mechanical gaming keyboard, every gamer can with no doubt compromise a few imperfections for such a dime.

Despite having stabilizer gels to hold and make the keys stable, the stability offered is most definitely not good enough for a gaming keyboard. You can however reapply the stabilizer gel since the keys are removable.

For a mechanical keyboard meant for beginner gamers or users who are hoping to get used to mechanical keyboards, the GK61 software is a little bit complicated and may require third-party assistance.


For a mechanical gaming keyboard, the GK61 is a perfect choice for beginner gamers. Developed gamers should however opt for a more advanced keyboard and gaming optimized.

For the price that the GK61 goes for, it is worth every dime spent on it. The presence of RGB backlighting and macro keys give the ultimate experience to gamers making the GK61 Gaming Keyboard a good gaming option.