Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard


With the revolution in the gaming world and the increase in demand, it is every gamer’s game to be the best. That means winning more games and growing points and entries. The key is getting a good gaming keyboard that will not only ensure that you achieve your full gaming potential but also be comfortable enough for long gaming sections. Whether you are thinking of hanging out with your friends or hosting a friendly game match, a good gaming section involves good technology.

Developed by the famous Logitech Company for its recent prodigy line for game technology, the Logitech G213 Prodigy is a gaming keyboard that is specifically designed with the gamer’s interests in mind. It is meant to better the gaming experience and reduce the hustle that gaming involves. Offering a 4x speed compared to the normal keyboard, it is a definite game-changer.

How does Logitech G213 Prodigy work?

Logitech G213 uses the most advanced technology to make the day-to-day life of every gamer easy. Equipped with some of the best-sophisticated features a gamer's keyboard can offer, it strives to achieve a stress-free lifestyle. 


Logitech G-Mec Dome Keys

For a quiet gaming section, Logitech G213 Prodigy offers full-height dome keys with a travel distance of 4 mm. This feature provides a minimal noise presence environment which is vital when it comes to concentration.  The G213 tries to deliver what a mechanical keyboard offers and has done a good job when it comes to the Dome keys.

Light sync RGB

Customized to match your style, space, and feeling, G213 offers a variety of colors to choose from with more than 16.8 different shades at your disposal. The gaming keyboard features five different lighting zones with a better option of choosing the brightness level you want to use. This next-level RGB lighting is set to get synchronized with the game content giving the gamer a personal yet fresh experience.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

Spill-Resistant and Durable

With day-to-day life in mind, the G213 is made to adjust to some of the harsh conditions out there. Fully designed and tested using a 60 ml spill drink, the keyboard features a spill-resistant effect, making sure that you can enjoy your game and sip on your favorite drink without worry. With the life realities in mind, the developer made sure to provide something durable and fun to use.

Palm rest and adjustable feet

The G213 comes with a palm rest feature which ensures comfortability even after long hours of playing. It is specially designed to reduce fatigue and make every game worth the play and excitement that comes with winning. The adjustable feet present in the Gaming keyboard gives the unique opportunity to shift and set your keyboard at an angle where you are most comfortable while at the same time ensuring stability.

Dedicated Media Controls

With the ability to increase and reduce volumes while playing, the Logitech G213 Prodigy is an all-equipped keyboard. The dedicated media controls come in handy when playing and help in muting, pausing, or selecting the next song on the playlist. In short, it is a lifesaver when it comes to instances where speed and instant keys are needed.

Customize with G Hub

Logitech G hub enables you to customize your G213 to your liking. With set RGB lighting, it connects with the gamer at a personal yet significant level. The keyboard also offers the opportunity of selecting and customizing quick keys which are often used, making access easier just with a touch of a button.


Is Logitech G213 Prodigy good for gaming?

Equipped with some of the best features every gamer needs, the Gaming keyboard was designed for gaming. The keys feel light which is excellent for typing but the travel distance slows the response rate.  Considering the other features, however, it would be worth trying to get that personal experience. If you prefer per-key RGB lighting, the Logitech G213 offers a zone setting which might be a fail for you.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

Is the Logitech G213 Prodigy Mechanical?

Featuring Logitech G-Mec Dome keys, the G213 is not mechanical but functions just like a mechanical keyboard. Designed to deliver a full tactical response, the full height 4 mm travel distance keys ensure the typing experience is unique while at the same time giving minimal noise production.

What switches does Logitech G213 Prodigy have?

Designed to have a similar profile to Cherry MX Brown Switch, the Logitech G213 Prodigy also gives a noise-free operation benefit. Its spill-resistant feature also adds to the benefits that a gamer gets when using a membrane keyboard.

What does Game Mode on the Logitech G213 Prodigy do?

Game mode can be activated by pressing FN+ Print Screen and allows you to use keys that have been personally programmed by the driver. In addition, it gives you access to the Win key which is an advantage against your opponent.

Pros and Cons

What’s to like?

With the Logitech company trying end to end to provide and fulfill every gamer's need, the G213 has built its name in the gaming world as one of the cheapest yet quality gaming keyboards out there. Its affordable price has resulted in its high demand and sales since it hit the target with stocks clearing out faster than the orders.

The G213 gaming keyboard is perfect for beginner gamers as its friendly features make the learning experience easy and sets the perfect path into the gaming world. All thanks to its customizable keys and easy-to-use features.

With the developing technology, the G213 gaming keyboard has proven to be highly compatible with devices including mac book, the hub gaming app, and different soft wares. Its high device compatibility is one of the main reasons why it is so quick to run out of the market.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

What’s not to like?

Despite the G213 Prodigy being highly recommended among Logitech products, the Gaming keyboard has proven to be difficult to clean leading to low product reliability. In a few cases, users have experienced jamming of keys which may not be favorable for a full-time gamer.


The Logitech G213 prodigy gamer keyboard is specially designed for every gamer's need but is highly recommended to beginners due to its easy-to-use features. Equipped with some of the best features the gaming technology world has to offer, the keyboard is the closest comparison you will have to a mechanical keyboard.