Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard


Finding the best gaming keyboard can not only be exhausting but also time-draining for a dedicated gamer. It is every gamer's dream to find a keyboard with customizable macro keys perfect for macro programming, a full-sized gaming keyboard with stable keys, and zone light backlighting which would make it perfect to play a game at night. Whether you are using one of the best laptops or monitors for gaming, a highly responsive keyboard is crucial to having a good, fast, and fun gaming experience.

With a wide variety of gaming keyboards to choose from, the best choice is a keyboard that makes playing easy despite the time of the day, one that cannot get damaged by liquid spills, and definitely, a keyboard that is best tailored to playing the type of games you want to play. The Corsair K55 RGB is best featured to accommodate every normal day-to-day player at their best comfort.

How Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Works

The K55 RGB Gaming keyboard is equipped with a soft rubber wrist rest which ensures extreme comfortability during long gaming sections. The gamer's comfort is a major priority considering that most gamers play for continuously long hours.  Equipped with metal wires, Corsair prevents the wobbling of keys to achieve the stability that gamers require. In short, it is designed to work as a mechanical keyboard even though it isn’t one.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

It is every gamer's dream to get access to other media files or better yet, adjust the volume without disturbing the ongoing game. The Gamers keyboard offers special keys that make this available without the stress of logging out of the game.  For the best recording services, the gaming keyboard boasts 6 macro keys that are specially designed for that reason. Here’s how you can use the macro keys;

  • Hold the MR Key till the indicator blinks
  • Select your desired macro keys (G1-G6) and press the keystrokes to record.
  • To stop recording press the MR Key and the recording will come to a halt
  • Press the MR Key for around 3 sec in case you wish to get rid of the existing macro. The blinking light should turn off.

For the best gripping ability, the Corsair K55 RGB is equipped with rubber padded feet and a clip-on armrest excellent for long hours of gaming. With an anti-ghosting feature, the k55 Gaming keyboard ensures that a gamer's most used keys are free from being blocked.


Is Corsair K55 RGB good for gaming?

Its rubber switches require a lot of effort while operating, making the Corsair K55 RGB just decent for gaming. It is however highly rated due to the presence of additional six dome keys on the left of the keyboard which makes it better compared to its competitors. 

Is the Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard good?

If your goal is to get a quiet gaming keyboard, the Corsair K55 is the best option. With its unique and easy-to-use features, it is highly preferred as compared to its competitor keyboards. With its decent price, this keyboard would be a good investment if you are thinking about taking your gaming experience to a new level.

Does the Corsair K55 have software?

The keyboard uses Elgato Stream Deck Software which is crucial for the normal functioning of the dedicated macro keys. It is advisable to frequently update the keyboard software for its smooth functioning.

What kind of keys does the Corsair K55 RGB keyboard have?

With a detachable palm rest and dust plus spill-resistant IP42 feature, the Corsair K55 RGB is highly designed to favor the gamer’s comfort. The three-zoned RGB dynamic backlighting makes it easy to play despite the lighting conditions and the six ESD software integrated macro keys make it unique from other gaming keyboards.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

How long do membrane keyboards last?

While they are specially designed to last between 30 million and 70 million key presses, they have been proven to survive at least 5 million key presses. This gives them a long durability period making them highly efficient.

The Pro and Cons of the Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

What’s to like?

Despite being a membrane keyboard, the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard has managed to give a mechanical experience to its users. The keys feel mechanical, smooth, and are quite responsive.

The six extra macro keys provide a great gaming experience for gamers who want to game with ease using a quiet keyboard.

The gaming keyboard has a unique design with a texture and black color paint making it feels loyal and elegant. In short, it looks great whether it is turned on or off.

The keyboard comes with a list of well-detailed instructions which make it easy to operate. You can easily change the multi-colored rainbow colors and even customize them to your liking.

What’s not to like?

With amazing features and great technology, the Corsair k55 RGB gaming keyboard is a game-changer in the gaming industry. The gaming keyboard provides what a gamer haven looks like and is a hot cake in the market. Its costly price however is one of the most things that fall on its downside. For a rubber dome keyboard, the gaming keyboard is quite pricey. Its glossy surface which is prone to scratches is also one of the features that most gamers will not appreciate about the keyboard despite the attractive design. 

The keyboard is made from plastic making the durability a little bit questionable. Often, the paint which would have been better done peels off leaving behind black dried paint particles.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Why Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard?

With the current improvement of technology, digital games are in huge demand for refreshment. Back in the days, most games were done outdoors but of recent even football can be played via your tv screen or even mobile phone. This brings the desire to use modern gaming equipment and hardware including gaming keyboards. 

Gaming keyboards are simply more advanced computer keyboards specifically designed to accommodate comfort from a game player.  This includes a more human posture or in technical words ergonomics keys, which are quite programmable and satisfy a user’s experience as a gamer. So, let’s get to why Corsair K55 RGB keyboard.

Corsair K55 RGB keyboard offers the best membrane key

The most crucial part is not just the gaming experience but equally the hardware model. Gaming keyboards fall into either mechanical or membrane-based keys. Either come from the customer’s preference. Membrane keys are connected to the same base below the keys.  The force required for your tap is high. 

Mechanical or Membrane?


Firm keys of the keyboard

Not just that but the key requires a slight depression before retaining its full position. Corsair keyboards offer mechanical-based keys that give fast pace, less force, and stress for every tap, giving the best bounce back. Unlike other gaming keyboards, Corsair K55 RGB gives you firm keys that do not twist and turn from time to time from certain usages. They are nice solid and stable.

Coded Backlighting

Corsair gaming keyboard allows keyboard customization according to your desire. For example, you want a less-pressure keyboard, can achieve so. Mechanical Corsair keyboards come with backlighting that allows you to see the amount of pressure that the keyboard needs. The term of color on the keyboard is “Cherry Mx “followed by the color. 

ColorActivation Weight (grams)Depression LevelResponse
Blue50LightClick, Tactile Bump
Brown45MediumTactile Bump
Red45Very LightSmooth
Green80Medium StiffClick, Tactile Bump
White85StiffTactile Bump
Black60Medium StiffSmooth

The beautiful part about the keyboard feature is the response that comes along when clicking. Light activation weight and depression level capture the desires of many that’s why Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard is the best choice there is. This includes a stiffer and less responsive set of keys. And the color is pure love and magic. Giving you a sweet and cool working rhythm. The backlighting has three sections that can be lighted in different colors offering more beauty to the keyboard. One can also use IQ software to customize the colors through the screen.

Save Price of keyboard 

Corsair gaming keyboard costs nothing above 50$. This makes it a more preferable choice. Comparing its affordability to others such as MSP well makes many access Corsair gaming keyboards at a relatively lower price in comparison to other gaming keyboards. Other keyboards demand up to 65$. Keyboards such as Razer Ornata Chroma go as far as 100$ which is twice the price. Well, that saves you quite a sum for a pretty similar function, doesn’t it?

Access to programmable keys

So, we all know how complex typing can be especially in the midst of a havoc moment of excitement in gaming. Corsair K55 RGB offers typing complex keystrokes at a moment’s notice. The keyboard has 6 programmable macro keys. These keys allow the keyboard to be able to carry out commands that would have taken a bit more time with just a click of the keyboard. This is possible with the use of macro keys. 

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Programmable keys

Macro keys allow a player to program or command the keyboard to make an individual key to carry out a specific action in just one tap. Corsair K55 RGB reduces a series of action commands to one simple keystroke. Isn’t that beautiful already. Though most gaming keyboards, have this advantage banned in gaming competitions.

Keeping you in the zone

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Boards have finishing touches that provide you the added convenience and comfort. For example, in-built ports, gaming keyboards can be used a connect you and the screen. With mic in/out ports and USB pass-through, you no longer have to get all technical trying to rattle your hands behind your screen every now and then getting the screen to work. 

Detachable palm rest

You can have a more relaxing and comfortable feeling from a soft rubber material at the palm rest of your keyboard when using Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review.

Audio Control

Not just that but Corsair keyboards give you the multimedia control where you can control your movies and music by just lifting your pretty finger. Voila! You can play, pause fast forward and rewind your films and music by not even touching your mouse. Isn’t that gorgeous?  You no longer have to look for voice control through your screen honey. Just press on the keys at the top right of your keyboard.

Water, dust, and spill resistance

This keyboard gives you an IP-42 Dust and water resistance. Regardless of your accidents during your gaming time, you can keep on using it non-destructed. Yet it can also stay a while of use with minimal fingerprints in comparison to other keyboards and staying clean.

The Downside 

Membrane keys

Mechanical-based keys have mechanical switches for every individual switch allowing rapid response and more tactile feedback.  This makes membrane keys such as Corsair RGB K55 Gaming keyboards less preferable.

Build up material

For someone who is used to mechanical keyboards may feel a little bit thrown at the rug using Corsair keyboards due to the plastic material. It's not as prestigious as mechanical keys in other keyboards.


All gaming keyboards are quite beneficial depending on the buyer’s preference. But still, the buyers who are the main users need to be satisfied fully with the pre-described contents to have a worthwhile gaming experience. Why not buy Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard now and save you some bucks? For an entry-level keyboard gamer, this is quite a choice.