Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse Review: does it deliver?


redragon m602 rgb wired gaming mouse

Aside from headphones and a keyboard, one of the most important parts of your gaming setup would be an awesome wired mouse. You want to get something that can customize it however you want. A customizable mouse would be more useful for you in the process and to give you that you might want to check the Redragon brand.

It is quite a popular brand especially for starters and that is why you ought to give it a try yourself. With the price that it comes with, you would surely be shocked at all the wonderful things it has to offer you. Now, this Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse review would give you a good idea if you should give it a try for yourself.


The brand, Redragon is something that has been involved in the gaming industry for more than 7 years and they have had a great manufacturing facility ever since 1996. It is a brand that has been trusted for a long time already and you can be assured that it is because they create things that are far beyond expectations and are durable. You want something that would last you and still be usable at the same time and that is what this brand wants to give to you. In 2012, they started putting out peripherals in the market and since then, they have been consistently been giving great quality items.


redragon m602 rgb wired gaming mouse

The ergonomic design is going to wow you and you can easily tell just by the look of it that it is a mouse made for everyone to use. The thumb grip and the right side grip design is one of the most popular designs for a reason and it is because it gives the user comfort. On the other hand, the left side of the mouse has a unique grove that would curve right with the grip of your mouse. If you are looking for a mouse that has a great look and at the same time makes you feel comfortable using it, then this is what you want to get.


redragon m602 rgb wired gaming mouse

The mouse is 124 mm in length, 39mm in height, and 74mm in width. It is about 130 grams which is quite lightweight and the cable length would be around 1.8m. This is generous and should be able to help you move a lot. If you tend to be on the bigger size when it comes to your hands then the mouse would be perfect for you. The bottom of the mouse has Teflon which helps it glide on your mousepad. It would be the best thing to check out as it moves smoothly, allowing you to have a great time enjoying your game.


redragon m602 rgb wired gaming mouse

As for the buttons, you get about 7 in total. You get the right/left mouse click, you get a middle mouse click, 2 DPI buttons on the top and then you get two thumb buttons by the side. The thumb buttons are truly the standard for the gaming industry these days. The best part is that these buttons are further customizable which is why you need to check them out.

RGB lighting

redragon m602 rgb wired gaming mouse

Another thing that you should need to focus on would be the lighting trim around your mouse as well as the amazing logo of Redragon on it. You will realize just how pretty it is when you look at it and that is something to think about. The RGB backlit can easily be adjusted depending on what DPI you are in. The mouse goes up to 7200 DPI. When you are at 800 DPI, you get a red light. At 1200 DPI, you get to have blue backlit. It is a green backlit for the 1600 DPI. You will be getting pink when you are at 2400 DPI and a yellow backlit for the 7200 DPI. Otherwise, you would be getting a rainbow-colored backlit.


redragon m602 rgb wired gaming mouse

You can easily get the software from the official site of Redragon and you can find the one for the Redragon M602 and there you will get the manuals and drivers that you need to understand more about it. You will be learning more about the programmable buttons as well as adjusting the speed for your double-clicking feature. Being able to set the speed for this is something that you normally do not see with a mouse that is this cheap. It is very easy to install the software and you just need to download the RAR file, figure out to extract it, and install it.


As for the price, you cannot do any better than this for a price tag of being under $20. It is very much comfortable and the customization factors a lot. You get to be able to personalize it to suit your needs and there would be not much to worry about when it comes to the quality. It would be great to give it a go and see for yourself if it feels right to you. The price is not that much so you will be able to check it out and if you do not feel like you are enjoying it, then you can easily buy a new replacement without much fuss. However, a lot of users of the mouse have been staying with it because it is indeed very awesome.

In conclusion, it is an ideal gaming mouse for people that are looking for a cheap option but still want to have that ergonomic design together with customizable settings. The preset is more than enough when it comes to 1080p gaming. You just need to adjust things such as your in-game sensitivity when you are playing. It is comfortable and there are a lot of great reviews from the customer so that is another thing that you might want to keep in mind. You cannot go wrong with this mouse if you are looking into a nice and low-budget product.