Everything you need to know before you buy PlayStation VR

Everything you need to know before you buy PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR virtual reality glasses have been on sale for months. They already have a good handful of games and peripherals, and the first promotions begin to appear. It is the best time to enjoy a new experience in video games. Do not miss our guide that gathers everything you need to know before buying PlayStation VR glasses.

Few technologies have struggled so much to become a standard within the world of video games, like virtual reality. It has taken thirty years to overcome technological walls, the misunderstanding, and the ignorance of many people. But you are ready to succeed.

With more than a million virtual reality glasses sold, PlayStation VR has been a great sales success, considering its price and it only takes a few months in the market.

There are more than 200 games in the catalog, new peripherals such as the VR Aim Controller, and the first promotions and discounts that have begun to appear this summer, warn us that it is time to make the leap, to immerse ourselves in a new way of Enjoy video games.

Is it Virtual Reality?

The key is the Presence

Have not you tried virtual realityIts main barrier is ignorance. We do not say it in a derogatory sense. It’s just that many people do not know what virtual reality is, and they think it’s just putting on screens in their eyes.

A few months ago Google launched an experiment. He created a 3D scenario in which the player had to climb onto a 20-meter-high trampoline and jump into a pool. He asked a group of people to play him on a monitor, and another group with virtual reality glasses.

100% of those who played on the monitor, was thrown into the pool without a problem. Only 10% of those who played it in Virtual Reality did so. The rest refused to throw themselves because they felt fear and anguish. That is the key to Virtual Reality. It’s called Presence. RV makes you feel things that are not possible with a TV. It’s as if you were on stage, and if your brain thinks you’re on a trampoline 20 meters off the ground, you will refuse to jump even if you order it. They are sensations that you will not understand until you prove the VR.

The most balanced option

There are virtual reality glasses for mobile phones from € 10. But our advice is that if you want to experience the true Presence, you should forget about them. They are little more than toys.

That leaves us with a simple choice: PlayStation VR or PC goggles? Do not fool yourself. If HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have minimum requirements that double the power of the PS4, something will be … PC goggles offer a more realistic experience, with more detailed graphics and interaction with the most evolved environment. But its entrance barrier is very big: a PC prepared for the VR and a glasses HTC or Oculus can leave for more than 2,000 €.

PlayStation VR offers the best value for money, especially if you already have a PS4. You have to pay a graphic tool (less resolution, more sawtooth, simpler textures) but the virtual experience is of quality, and its catalog of games is ample, many of them exclusive. And free.

Questions before you buy

What do I need to enjoy PS Virtual Reality?

Any PS4 model and a PlayStation Eye camera. There are PlayStation VR packs with and without a camera. Check it before you buy it.

Can children use it?

The recommended minimum age is 12 years. Ophthalmologists claim that vision is already formed at age 7 to view stereoscopic 3D images, but age has increased because using the viewfinder you can not see what surrounds you, and a young child may fall or be struck.

What improvements does PlayStation VR bring to using PS4 Pro?

In some games, you get more graphic effects and more detailed textures, in addition to a better feeling of immersion. Some players claim to be less dizzy in driving games.

Is it worth the PS3 camera I have?

No, you need the PS4 camera that sold for the Move (elongated).

What comes in the box?

The viewfinder, the processor, headphones, manual, demos disk, and cables.

What is the purpose of the Process Unit?

The PS4 needs a little help for the extra effort required by virtual reality. That’s why PlayStation VR incorporates a device called Process Unit or Processor, extra hardware that is responsible for processing 3D audio, social screen (show on TV what the player sees in the viewer, for viewers), and the Cinematic mode (see movies in the viewfinder).

Does the processing unit have 4K support?

Yes. When you do not use PlayStation VR, normal PS4 games or movies can be viewed on a TV at 4K resolution with the processing unit connected. However, it does not support HDR. If you want to watch HDR content you have to disconnect the unit and connect the console directly to the TV.

Can I use PS VR without a TV?

You need a TV for some calibration options, and for some games with multiplayer support.

Are they compatible with PC or Mac?

Do not.

Is it difficult to connect?

Difficult not, but laborious. Connect the PS4 to the processing unit via HDMI and USB, and the processor to the TV. The display connects to the processor. There are also power and sound cables. In this image, it is clear.

How long is the wire of the glasses?

It has a length of 4.38 meters.

How much space do I need to use PlayStation VR?

It is advisable to clear a space of 2 x 3 meters around the TV and to be in the center. In this image you can see all the measures:

Does it hurt the eyes to put a screen so close?

No. The viewfinder uses low-intensity LEDs and the lenses act as a protective shield. The display has passed all kinds of medical controls. They are completely safe. The focal length of the lenses is 2.5 meters, the recommended distance for a 60-inch TV, so it does not tire the view.

Is it true that it can produce dizziness and nausea?

Each person has different degrees of sensitivity to 3D effects and immersion of RV. Some games, especially those of driving and those that have a lot of movement, can generate small dizziness or nausea. Some people happen in just seconds, and others endure hours playing. If you feel discomfort, it is as simple as to stop playing or try games more leisurely. It is recommended to rest 15 minutes each hour of play. Most players get accustomed to the RV after a few minutes of practice.

They weigh a lot?

Only 610 grams (without cables). They are, by far, the most comfortable virtual reality glasses to use.

I’m nearsighted. Can I play without glasses?

PS VR lenses generate a focal length of 2.5 meters. If in the real world you can see well at a distance of 2.5 meters, you do not need to wear glasses to play PS VR.

Can I play with glasses?

Yes. Simply put the RV goggles on top of your normal glasses. A button at the base of the viewfinder allows you to push it away to make room for the prescription glasses.

Can I use my own headphones?

Yes, anyone with a 3.5 mm jack connector is used.

Do I need the Move controls and the PS VR Pistol Knob?

Most PlayStation VR games work with the PS4 Dualshock. Some improve interactivity using one or two Move commands. The Farpoint game uses the new PlayStation VR (PS VR Aim) Gun to aim and shoot, and other titles will do so in the future. They are optional peripherals, with the DualShock is enough to start.

That’s how it works

What is PlayStation VR?

The PS4 console generates a stereoscopic image (a different image for each eye, to produce the 3D effect), depending on how we are moving the head. Its position is recorded with the sensors of the helmet and the blue LED lights, that are captured by the camera. It also records the position of the Dualshock, the Move controls, or the Pistol Knob. The latter two have motion sensors. The 3D audio ends up generating the Presence effect of Virtual Reality.

The camera does not recognize my movements

Performs the calibration offered by the PlayStation VR software. There should be no lights that dazzle the camera. It is advisable to play with the blinds lowered, and cover the mirrors.

Do the games have the same resolution as on TV?

No. The viewfinder has a 5.7-inch OLED screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, but to create the 3D image the console generates two separate images, one for each eye, which is merged, so the actual resolution is 960 x 1080 pixels, Less than 720p.

This limited resolution is due to games having to display images at 90 or 120 fps with low latency.

What is the latency? What influences?

Latency is the delay that occurs since we move the head with the RV viewfinder until the 3D stage adapts to that new position. With a latency greater than 20 ms the human eye notices the delay, and the Presence is lost. PlayStation VR has a latency of 18 ms.

Can other people see what is seen in the viewfinder? And play cooperatively?

Yes. Thanks to the Process Unit, the same thing you see in the viewfinder appears on the TV. Also, some games like The PlayRoom VR (included free with the glasses) allow interacting with other players with the DualShock.

The games

Is it true that there are a few RV games?

Absolutely. The catalog already adds  234 games and continues to increase day by day. Many of them are exclusive.

But almost all are mini-games and experiments …

It is not like this. There are complete games in the style of  Resident Evil 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Farpoint, Ace Combat 7, Driveclub VRRIGS, and much more.

The catalog is very wide, with lots of shooters, survival horror, racing games, puzzles, mini-games, walking simulators, visual experiences, and many others.

Are there any free games?

Of course. From  Final Fantasy XV Monster of the Deep to Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience,  Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience, Batman Arkham Experience, and much more. 

Are there games that only work with VR?

Yes, some titles are only compatible with the VR viewer. Others, such as Resident Evil 7, can operate with or without VR glasses.

How do I know if a game has or not a VR option?

Both in PlayStation Store and in physical editions large banners or stickers show if there is VR content, or only works in this mode:

Our games included with PlayStation VR?

Yes. With the viewer comes to a demo disc, and you can download free PlayRoom VR. Also, packs are sold with PS VR and some free games, such as Farpoint.

Can you play multiplayer VR games?

Yes, there are titles with multiplayer support, including chat and microphone, such as RIGS Mechanized Combat League or Eve: Valkyrie.

Can you use the Share button to capture photos and videos of the game? Can I do streaming?

Yes. The only thing you will not be able to do is capture with the camera because it is used to position the viewfinder.

What is the Kinematic Mode?

This mode allows you to play all PS4 games, as well as watch movies, on a virtual screen with a size of between 117 and 226 inches.

Does Kinematic Mode influence game performance?

No. All the work falls on the Process Unit, so the PS4 only takes care of the game.

Is there any content other than games?

There are narrative experiences, documentaries, and other content that are not games.

Can I watch 3D Blu-ray movies and 360-degree YouTube videos?

Yes, a PS4 firmware upgrade has added 3D Blu-ray support and 3D YouTube videos.


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