7 Mobile Games Like Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game that is considered to be an all-time favorite of many people out there; irrespective of age, the game always manages to make time fly.  The game is an endless running game and is developed by Kiloo and Sybo Games. Subway Surfers download is available on all platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8. 

The game is about how a kid is caught drawing on the walls of the station and how he escapes his way through the running trains and the obstacles. The 3D graphics in the game are beautiful and it is pretty much a world of its own. Subway Surfers is an amazing game that is a perfect combination of action-packed with adventure. You can have Subway Surfers free download from the play store or the respective app on your devices. There are Subway Surfer cheats which might as well help you play the game even more smoothly.

In this article, we will talk about the list of similar games like Subway Surfer games. Let us have a look.

Games like Subway Surfer:

1. Temple Run

Developed by Imangi Studios, the Temple Run tops our list of games like Subway Surfers. The game has been a huge success and all you have to do is complete minor tasks and missions here and there as you make your way through the narrow paths with water everywhere. You get to collect coins, jump and turn your ways, and basically keep running until you are defeated.

The game has been one great experiment and with the forerunners such as Temple Run: Brave, Temple Run: Oz, etc; the game seems to get only better. The amazing graphics and the chase by the monkey, well, it is something.

If you are bored with the Subway Surfers download on your phone, Temple Run is the mantra for you!

2. Pitfall

The pitfall is the next game on our list of alternatives to the Subway Surfers game. It is available on both iOS and Android and is a game that well described the journey of  Harry in a volcanic jungle which of course has a touch of adventure to it. As you make your way through, you will have to dodge your way through caverns, trenches, waterfalls, and a list of other obstacles blocking your way. You need to jump or slide and make your way through the things or creatures that cause you to stop from moving ahead.

There are some checkpoints in the game marked by the colorful giant Macaw and a gold bell. To activate them, you must spend your diamonds during the game. Also, you can get power-ups to help you run faster with them.

3. Into the Dead

Whatever the kind the game may be, it is always good to play Zombie games, whether they be the intent Dead Trigger and Age of Zombies kind or light-hearted like Plants vs. Zombies. Into the Dead is a first-person run available only on iOS as it lets you see the zombie apocalypse by just running in the opposite direction. Pretty much like any of us would want to see in a game that ahs Zombies, Into the Dead, shall offer to you the Zombie escape experience and the wilderness that prevails around there.

At the end of it all, you shall yield into the flesh-eating zombies; but with the coins, you shall get the reward. You can use the coins to get access to the various add-ons and make your survival easier. Also, with those coins, you might be able to skip missions or buy new weapons. The game though doesn’t have any story; it shall be a fun invasion of Zombies. No end, only a beginning and you must simply play it until you lose out on lives and coins.

4. Run Like Hell

This game is here to make running for you difficult. It is pretty much one of the so many games like subway surfer, but the difficulty level here is more. The run is really speedy, and all you will be doing is climbing, jumping, sliding, and crawling your way through to save yourself from those hungry tribals.

The game has three game modes to choose from: endless, story mode, and the time trial. The background for the games varies from beaches to valleys to ancient ruins to jungles.

5. Totem Runner

Totem Runner again is a game belonging to iOS. Here, the player is a warrior, and as he/she makes their way through, the chase becomes more difficult. The chase isn’t against anybody, but to seek harmony and well-being on Earth.

An iOS exclusive from Chillingo, Totem Runner, is one of a kind. You’re a warrior trying to secure harmony and happiness to the earth, sowing flowers as you go along. The game has an upbeat soundtrack that ensures you’ll be surprised every step of the way.

6. Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy is one game that we all know of; all you do is run and scroll your way through. Developed by Miniclip, the game is a super cool one and though there isn’t much to do, it is quite addictive. The graphics are amazing, and you have a multiplayer and single-player mode to choose from.

7. Pocket Mine

Pocket Mine is another one on our list of games like Subway Surfers. It is basically a game where you will have to dig into the Earth in your quest for treasures and artifacts. The game has new things to offer to you every day!

The game has its origins in the various endless running games on board, but the entire experience that it has to offer is what makes it different.  There are 7 columns to dig into, and the player is allowed to move in any direction as it removes all the clogs, dirt, and other items in its way. Your digging is dependent upon the health you have, and it can be upgraded with the cash you earn.

And that was on the list of alternatives to the subway surfers game. No more getting bored! Now that you know the list of similar Subway Surfer games, you can download a few of them. In case you are yet to play Subway Surfer as well, you could as well go for Subway Surfers free download; the various Subway Surfers cheats and the entire gameplay shall surely be of your interest.