Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat Review

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat

Rediscover racing games with a Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat.

The Playseat Evolution is a great Gaming Seat but there are a few things you need to know before making your purchase decision. The Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat is among the gaming seats that have the highest performance. With its completely renewed design and a double-stitched vinyl cover, the Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat puts you right in the middle of your favorite racing game.

The Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat performs with almost all racing peripherals on the market and every game console, including the Xbox 360, GameCube, PlayStation, PCs, and more. More importantly, the chair is notably comfortable while delivering the most realistic racing simulation around. It features a combination of one forward antenna and another antenna facing the rear, unlike the BelSti Driver that has two antennas but both are facing forward. 

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat is solid, easy to adjust, and does not rock back and forth when you play with the MS wheel. The MS wheel has such powerful force feedback that you can feel it vibrate through the seat. Use the velcro supplied with the unit and the pedals and wheel won't budge at all. The Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat has pre-drilled holes that line up with the bottom of your G25 wheel platform and your G25 pedal platform, though you will have to offset the Evo pedal panel mount quite a bit to the left (from the perspective of a sitting position) to where it’s strange looking but not impractical from a functional standpoint.

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Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat Features and Specifications

Compatible with PCs and Playstation, Xbox, and Wii gaming consoles can be used with most console and PC steering wheel and pedal sets on the market high-quality vinyl upholstered seat provides the look and feel of real leather features a patented folding design with a fully adjustable steel frameworkPlayseat Evolution Gaming Seat bears the Playseat logo in the headrest and side panels this racing stimulation cockpit gives you the ultimate realistic racing experience.New, solid leg-friendly framework for a comfortable fit. Reinforced steel, tubular construction adds extra stability, eliminating excess wobble. Increased seat cushioning. Ergonomic race chair for real-life race stimulation. Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat is made of high-quality materials, non-flammable. Multi-adjustable for ages 8 upwards. Measures 52.1 x 19.7 x 38.6 inches (L x H x W).For use with all Logitech steering wheels, patented folding racing seat, and easy to assemble.

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat – Reviews

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat details include a reinforced steel tubular construction that adds stability and eliminates excess wobble, a non-flammable seat material, and an easy-to-assemble design. Just install a game steering wheel, such as the latest Logitech model, on the middle pole and attach a couple of pedals along the bottom (all sold separately). The setup is also easily adaptable, with multiple adjustment knobs letting you move the wheel and pedals closer or farther, depending on your height.

There also minor flaws with this Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat. I think they could have offered more options with the setup, namely two things. First, they offer the option of offsetting the pedals to the left, but not to the right. I went around that by offsetting my pedals myself. They hang a little off to the side but I have no problem with that, as I would rather break and accelerate with the same foot. I was hoping that with the evolution model the steering column and the pedals can be adjusted separately. However, you could indirectly do this by moving the whole thing away from the seat, bringing the steering column forward, and then tilting it down. The carpet is also not really useful. It’s pretty narrow and I don’t see the use of it if your room has a carpeted floor already. If you have a hardwood floor (like I do) just use adhesive felt pads and you are all set.

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat has over 125 online reviews which are predominantly positive. Just like any other product, there are some issues with this unit such as high price. However, the majority of the users are amazed by its overall performance so the Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat gets our recommendation. Here are some examples of happy customer comments:

“I can easily sit for 2 hours and never feel the least bit uncomfortable. The seat's comfort is equal to that of my Honda and exceeds that of my Ford.”

“Next is comfort…no complaints here! You can adjust the foot pedals and the steering wheel to just the right distance meaning no more foot fatigue or discomfort in my arms from overly bent elbows. The chair itself is extremely comfortable and I am 6′ tall and actually eat.”

“In closing, this is a great seat and it will last just about anyone for several years. Enough time to enjoy some great racing games on their favorite console or PC.”


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