Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G510 Review

The Logitech G510 is a step up from the G110, and adds a few extra features. While still a good choice for the budget-conscious, this keyboard has most of the things you would need in the best gaming keyboard. It’s another USB-connected device and has some added keys, customization, and functionality that you won’t find in a standard keyboard. If you are already interested in purchasing the Logitech G510. 


Again, the G510 has all of your standard buttons and has a few extras for added benefit. Like the G110, the G510 has some media keys on the top right that allow you to quickly start, stop and switch between your music, even while in a game. Below the media, buttons are a mute button and a scroll button that lets you turn the volume up or down. The left side of the keyboard has macro keys again, but this time it ups the number from 12 to 18. When you take into consideration the fact that there are three different macro modes, this gives you 54 total buttons that can be bound to keypresses or more complex macros. These buttons are made with the MMO or RTS player in mind, but you could set them to do anything you need to increase your productivity. The inclusion of a gaming mode button is also of note. This allows you to disable the windows key while in-game to prevent the start bar from popping up and minimizing your game. If you’ve gamed with a standard keyboard, you probably know how frustrating it is to accidentally hit it and mess up your game. 

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard


The G510 has a fair bit of customization. Along with the macro keys that you can set to do your bidding, you can change the color of the led backlight. There’s also a physical button at the top of the keyboard that allows you to turn the light on or off depending on your mood. The palm rest is also removable. One feature that is gone from the G110 is the small channels underneath the keyboard that allowed you to route your cords through them and eliminate clutter. The decision to remove them may have to do with the fact that the G510 has an added GamePanel LCD. This is the biggest thing that sets the G510 apart from the G110 and will probably influence most gamers to go with this keyboard. The GamePanel lets you see in-game stats and works with a huge list of games. It can also be set to show system information and communication data from programs like Ventrilo. This could give a substantial edge to a gamer, or at least some added convenience.

Extra Features

In terms of extra features, the G510 is almost exactly the same as the G110. It has a mic and headphone jack on the back of the keyboard to let you plug right in without having to go to the back of your computer. It also has a USB 2.0 slot that’s meant for a gaming mouse but could be used for any kind of USB connection. Also to note is that the keyboard claims it can take input from five keys at once and that it has a 500Hz report rate. This means that the delay between key presses is only 2ms. While this is a nice feature, it’s a bit of overkill as a person could never push a key that fast.

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard

The Verdict

This is a fairly priced keyboard with a lot of great features. The macro keys are extremely helpful, and some of the other features are nice. The thing that will really set this keyboard apart is the GamePanel LCD screen. If you can take full advantage of it, this might really help your game. While this isn’t the best gaming keyboard on the market, it’s getting up there in features and is a good one to consider if you don’t want to go all out and buy the most expensive technology.

Where to Buy?

Most online electronics stores will have the Logitech G510. To see the Logitech G510 product page, click here.