Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G15 – It’s yours for the taking.

Now the Logitech G15 Programmable Gaming Keyboard could be a keyboard not to be reckoned with. It is a fully awesome keyboard and undoubtedly something that ought to be in your gaming arsenal.

It also encompasses a Game Panel LCD screen that is an awesome feature to have which positively provides you the sting in combat.

All system data and game knowledge is displayed in real-time therefore you’ll be able to see just what’s happening with your game and laptop.

The backlighting feature is another nice feature and definitely adds character to your workstation.

This keyboard is extremely wanted and many experience gamers and novice gamers alike look to the current keyboard for steerage.

Therefore why ought to you buy the Logitech G15?

Well for several reasons. Firstly; what most folks gamers would like, is to be in management of our game however most importantly to have a position in combat. This can be what the G15 allows for.

With the Game Panel LCD, you have that edge. System stats and info are displayed so you mostly grasp what is happening with your computer or game. What’s also extremely useful is the fact that you’ll be able to see when your friends go online to play and also what server they’re enjoying on.

What also makes this keyboard therefore great is that it is an ergonomic keyboard with a detachable wrist rest. This can be particularly great for gamers as they pay a lot of time in front of their keyboard and additionally for those who use this programmable keyboard for everyday use.

One thing we tend to should also strive to recollect is that gaming keyboards can be used not only for gaming (though this is often their primary function), however additionally for everyday usage. There are those of us that job long hours in front of computers and would really like a more comfy keyboard. Seeing as gaming keyboards are designed for ergonomic purposes to allow for comfort throughout game-play, it would be an excellent match for someone probably to be at their pc for a long time.

Designers are a nice example of those that would suit a gaming keyboard, particularly with all the programmable functions that come back included on a gaming keyboard.

Another great factor about this keyboard is that the intelligent cable management system installed. Several of us realize all the cables a nuisance and don’t continuously know a way to route them. However, with the Logitech G15, this is often not a problem because the cables can be routed underneath the keyboard with pre-put in channels for the cables.

Let us take a look at the options of the Logitech G15

* The Game Panel LCD screen provides useful system stats along with being able to determine when your friends are online and also what server they’re enjoying on.

* 6 Programmable G-Keys whereby you can store macros and execute them with one keypress.

* Illuminated keys with 3 different levels of brightness.

* Intelligent cable management system, whereby you’ll be able to route the cables underneath the keyboard with pre-put in channels.

* Detachable armrest for user comfort.

* Instant media access. Control the degree and playback from the keyboard.

Logitech G15 Features

This keyboard includes a ton of features packed into it. Not all of them will be useful to you in CoD4 but does not hurt to possess them if you play alternative games. There are a pair of versions of the G15 floating around, in this article I’ll be talking about the older one with blue lights on it.

Logitech G15 Macros

Macros basically permit you to bind one key to trigger a sequence of keystrokes. An operation like this does not get much use in FPS gaming. If you play different games on the facet like WoW, this might be a valuable feature that gets some good use every day.

G Keys

The G Keys are located on the left-hand aspect of the Board. They are used to bind your macros too. There are 18 G keys, each with 3 states for a total of 54.

Backlit Keys

Each key on the G15 features a clear character in the middle, and therefore the keyboard has blue lights engineered into it. When it comes to nighttime gaming all you have to try and do is press a button and all your keys will lightweight up blue. The lightweight even comes with a pair of settings, dim and bright.

Media Controls

Right underneath the LCD screen, it’s a collection of buttons for controlling music and video. There's volume management, pause/play, stop, next track, and former track. Good for when your blasting music in the game and don’t feel like alt-tabbing out to skip or replay songs.

USB Ports

Do not like the fact that the G15 will take away one of all your USB ports? Do not worry regarding it as a result of the G15 additionally has a pair of USB ports mounted on the front of the keyboard. Therefore you’ll still use your joystick or gamepad.

Multiple Key Presses

Every one of my favorite features is that you’ll be able to press up to 10 buttons at the same time. Normal keyboards will cause your PC to beep if you press additional than two or 3 at a time. In a technical game like CoD4 where you’ll do several actions directly this is often very valuable. ten buttons would possibly be overkill, however, it's nice to understand you’ll be able to keep all of your fingers busy if you wish to.

Logitech G15 LCD Screen

This is by way the most fascinating feature of the G15. Sitting at the high is that this flips up an LCD screen, that can do just about anything.